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                   President :

                            Pr. Jacob John

                            Mobile : 9172158355

                   Secretary :

                            Bro. Aaron Solomon Simon

                            Mobile : 8080676785

                   Treasurer :

                            Bro. Philip A J

                            Mobile : 9322238824 


About Sharon Fellowship Church

    Pentecostalism is a renewal movement within Christianity that places special emphasis on a direct personal experience of God through the baptism with the Holy Spirit. The term Pentecostal is derived from Pentecost, the Greek name for the Jewish Feast of Weeks. For Christians, this event commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the followers of Jesus Christ, as described in the second chapter of the Book of Acts.This Pentecostal movement experienced a great explosion in India with the arrival of a number of foreign missionaries. Most significant among them was Robert F. Cook, from the U.S. He arrived in North India and established a few mission posts.There were few great men of God that received the calling of god with a great burden to expand the lord’s kingdom in India of which Pastor P.J. Thomas is one among them. His great determination and passion for Christ urged him to study the Word of God deeper and he completed various theologies from Serampore University (India) and abroad in both an Australian bible college and Wheaton college an American college near Chicago Illinois where he was given a degree. He left to India in early 1950’s while teaching comparative religion at Wheaton College and settled in Thiruvalla which is now the Sharon compound.Pastor P.J. Thomas is the founder of the Sharon Fellowship Church. Now it has more than 2050 local churches in India and other 34 countries and also have 10 Bible colleges around the world. 

        Rev. John Thomas is the General President of Sharon Fellowship Church & Sharon Bible College, Thiruvalla. 

    The reputation of the “Sharon” name came with two revival meetings that were documented in a reputed Indian newspaper and the opening of the Bible College at the Sharon compound in 1953. During a period of unrest in the Pentecostal churches in India, Pastor P.J. Thomas remained neutral and the Sharon compound was often used as a place of mediation. The church began to truly grow in the 1960’s and the mission oriented vision gives emphasis on theological scholarship as well as pioneer ministry. Sharon Fellowship Church, truly a church distinguished by separatism and energized by revivalism.

About Pastor P.J. Thomas

    Pastor P.J. Thomas was born on April 15, 1914, the son of Pastor P.V. John. He was saved in 1936. He studied at Serampore University andearned a Diploma in Theology. Following his marriage to Aleyamma Thomas (Keezhvaipur, Mallappally), he left for Australia for higher studies and then to America. He attended Wheaton College (Illinois) and got a Master's degree in Comparative Religion and taught there for a short time before returning to India in 1952. 

    He purchased the present Sharon property in March 1953 and with the completion of the Sharon Hall, he founded Sharon Bible School and later formed Sharon Fellowship Church. He was a great warrior of Jesus Christ and passed away on March 24, 1998. Pastor P.J. Thomas, a great visionary, who laid the foundation stone of Sharon Fellowship Church based on the Word of God. He and his fellow-workers have strong compassion for the neglected, marginalized, the poor and the needy. Sis. Aleyamma Thomas was instrumental in starting the first Women's Training Centre in India at Thiruvalla, Kerala, which is now known as Sharon Women's Bible College. 

About Sharon Sakinaka

    Pastor Raju Pappachan, a great visionary started Sharon Fellowship Church, Sakinaka with a handful of people coming together for a prayer fellowship way back in 1991. God has been gracious in blessing the church not only spiritually but also financially. Pastors namely Pastor Ponnachen, Pastor O Achankunju, Pastor C. T. Jacob and have thereafter ministered the church after which Pastor Jacob John took charge of the church.

Pastor Jacob John and his family are ministering the church in Sakinaka.